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Wood Fence

Wood picket type fence

Pembroke Pines wood fence specialists

Wood fencing is available in various styles and shapes, and the knowledgeable team at Pembroke Pines Fence has a large selection to ensure your satisfaction

​We collaborate with our customers every step of the way to crafting and installing beautiful wood fences.

Our fences are all made of solid and long-lasting materials that can withstand weather and age. There are numerous styles to choose from, so browse our gallery and contact us today for more information.

With our professional fencing services, we look forward to enhancing the beauty of your property.

Wood fence benefits

There are so many reasons why you should consider wood as your fencing. Continue reading why:

Wooden Fencing's Versatility

A wood fence makes sense if you have a certain image in mind of a white wooden picket fence or if you want to paint your fence a non-traditional color. These are quite adaptable and can be utilized in a variety of situations. You may paint the fence any color you like as long as it is aligned to HOAs, and stain it dark or light, or leave it natural. 

Wooden Fencing Prices

One of the perks that every homeowner should consider is the expense of having a wood fence. Wooden fencing materials are lightweight and easy to install. Wood does not last for decades, but it can be refilled and maintained on an annual basis, with the need for removal after ten years. If your ultimate goal is to keep your children safe, wood is a good option because it may last for years, even until they are teenagers.

Wooden Fencing's Appearance

The appearance of wood fencing gives more value to your home. If you put your house on the market soon, you need to keep this in mind because it is more appealing to possible buyers. ​

Wood Fence can be adjusted in terms of Height

Once Vinyl fences are installed, you cannot adjust their height anymore. However, this doesn't apply to wood fences. You can cut down what you don't want if your disordered the length. A skilled fencing contractor may turn this to your advantage and make a sloped yard that requires fewer trimming planks as they are installed.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Fences

Another advantage of a wooden fence over the competition is that its components are recyclable. It doesn't get any more 'green' than wood! Wooden fences are nearly 100% biodegradable, and wood is a renewable resource.

What types of wood do we use?

We employ a range of wood types for fences at our fencing company. Cedar, spruce, and cypress are among of the most popular choices. We also provide a wide range of styles so you can pick the ideal fence for your house.

Call us at (754) 227-3821 for additional information on different wood types and styles.

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